Politicians daily game by score

I was part of a team where the objective was create from scratch a full functional game with groups, login, achievements, tables, graphs, users. I took the role of frontend architect, leading the frontend side I made technologies decisions, I guided the team through forward the objectives.

Daily turn based strategy gladiators game

This personal project was born out of an idea we had with two friends of mine. They were in charge of all the designs and I was in charge of the development side of the game. I coded the whole project with the MERN stack. Developed from scratch, I made entire pages, a Rest API, deployment, and more, so much more.

Onboarding guided tours for a well-known real estate company

This project's goal was to create and maintain a set of components and hooks which guided users through the pages of a real estate company's website. I worked on this project as a full-stack developer for a five-month period, developing the required UI over different micro-frontends. I collaborated with other teams to integrate our code to their repositories.

Students and teachers react native App

The objective in this project was migrate the content of a web page to an app adding some changes. I worked as a consultant here, solving doubts about programming and talking with the client about the requirement and possibilities.

Machine learning features handler page for an important software factory

This product was in constant delivery and it was focused on making the machine learning functionalities as user friendly as possible. With a lot of UI components and a lot of processes involved, I had to make the API calls as a backend developer and entire pages as frontend developer. I was the only frontend developer working on this project, being part of a mixed team with other co-workers like data scientist, backend, sales, and more.